Adil Nalbant İs Once Again The President Of Temsad

TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accessory Industrialists Union) choose its new president as a result of the meeting it held.

In the Executive Board meeting held after the “TEMSEAD 9th Ordinary General Assembly in Yenibosna Gönen Hotel, Adil Nalbant was re-elected as general president. As a result of TEMSAD 9th Ordinary General Assembly, the full and associate members for administrative, supervisory, disciplinary and supreme board (MAKFED) were determined. İsmail Gülle, TRİSAD President Mustafa Balkuv, ÖRSAD President Fikri Kurt and union members also participated. Giving a speech in the opening of the meeting, TEMSAD President Adil Nalbant discussed the development of Turkish textile industry and the point it reached. Nalbant stated that it was necessary for Turkey to have production industry step in in order to get to the target in the year 2023. Stating that it is not possible to reach the aimed numbers without creating added value and technology, also added that he trusts the Turkish industrialists and that they will be successful. Speaking at the meeting, Hikmet Tanrıverdi said that there could be more efficient progress if there was collaboration with the mechanics. Tanrıverdi emphasized that Turkish machine industry can come to a better place through innovation and technological advancements. İHKİB President Gülle stated that we do not know how to trade exactly and therefore we cannot present ourselves sufficiently. Emphasizing the lack of machine strategy of Turkey, İsmail Gülle said the need for a target for success. Indicating that there is a need for a new industry policy, Mustafa Balkuv said that the state must look after this sector. Remarking that every producer must be appreciated, Fikri Kurt underlined the constant necessity to support the mechanics at all times. As a result of the meeting, where TEMSAD members exchange and brainstormed ideas, the new administration started its operations.