About Us

About Us

Established in 1982, our company primarily produces in the field of Jacquard Weaving Accessories.

The subject of production of our company is: Ready Array and Ready Lining Equipment for jacquard weaving under the Ekowire brand. In 1989, it blazed a trail in the industry by combining iron weights with plastic injection into strength wires. Lycra weight system, silicon weight system and finally spring weight system in Turkey, respectively. In addition to the label sequences of our company, it also produces upholstery, towel, velvet, narrow weaving, tulle curtains and bedspread layouts.

Our company started the production of Jacquard Yarns with the brand Ekocord in European Standards with “ISO9001-2015” certificate as its last field of activity. It introduces its brands to the world with the slogan “World Quality Produced in Turkey”.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of being an integrated manufacturer, enters raw materials and ready-to-use finished materials are produced. As an advantage of this, quality control of the materials we produce is carried out at every stage and the highest quality product is produced.

Ekoteks has promoted its products in many countries in the fairs it has attended both at home and abroad and has proven itself with its quality. Our company exports most of its products with its experience in international exports.

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