Our History

Our History

Jacquard machines harness harness elements, which are the production subject of our company, which has been active in the Textile Sector for 40 years, started to be produced in 1989 with the brand of ekowire®. In the first years, it produced iron-weighted strength wires. Our company, which closely follows the developments in textile, is the first company to bring the developing technologies to Turkey. He produced the Lycra weight system, the silicone weight system and finally the spring weight system, respectively.

Our company is equipped with modern communication and production equipment. In line with the demands of our industrialists and customers, new product designs and their production are carried out successfully by means of professional CAD design, CNC Model processing unit and our experienced technical staff. In addition, with the “technical consultancy on materials” service, the most accurate material is produced in a short time and in accordance with the standards.

Our being an integrated manufacturer allows us to serve our customers at the same standard in your requests with minimum product quantities.

Thanks to our company’s knowledge and experience in harness groups and jacquard accessories, the most suitable material for loom cycles and jacquard loading is recommended to the user.

Our company has introduced its products in many countries with the fairs it attends in Turkey and abroad and has proven itself with its quality. It exports some of its products with its experience in international exports.

Our company, which has been in close dialogue with jacquard fabric manufacturers for years, closely follows the needs and innovations in the sectors it serves. Our company, which attaches importance to R & D studies in order to maintain its quality and technological development, has been a leader in its field for about 40 years with its experience and service.

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